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PMO Glossary (PMO, EPMO, TMO, PgMO & More)

The term ‘PMO’ can apply to many things (e.g. project management office, program management...

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PMO Essentials

With projects making up a significant share of Australia’s business opportunities, we’ve seen a...

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Women who Choose to Challenge- Sharon Douglas

Sharon Douglas – NBN Co

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Women who Choose to Challenge- Mary Hayward

Mary Hayward – MetaPM

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Women who Choose to Challenge- Alison Cesaro

Alison Cesaro – Zinfra

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How Project Sponsors Can Manage Virtual Teams in 2021

Australian businesses have experienced more change this past year than anyone could have...

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Project Maturity Models and Benefits

Project management maturity models help organisations baseline their current project delivery...

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Simple Guide to Program Mobilisation

Mobilising a multi-year program can help your business to achieve strategic value and fine-tune...

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How Micro-Credentialling Can Drive Team Performance

There’s no doubt that the way we learn has been transformed in recent decades. Whether it’s...

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How do you ensure PMO’s are sustainable, effective and engaged?

Written by Chris McGowan

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Do You Need a Project Management Office (PMO)?

In the hunt for greater efficiency and more effective project management, companies are...

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