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Unlock Your Potential With The PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation Course

Step into a realm of boundless opportunities with PRINCE2 Agile® certification. 
It’s time to transform your management controls and upgrade your career potential.

Key Benefits
  • Tailored Training: Foundation program to suit your skillset.
  • Flexible Delivery: Choose between our virtual or classroom training programs.
  • Versatile Leadership: Hone your leadership skills to effectively guide projects.
  • International Recognition: Share your project management proficiency on a global stage
  • Dual Certification Levels: Earn Foundation and Practitioner levels for a holistic grasp of PRINCE2.
Australian Business

Australian Business,
Australian Trainers.

Full Accredited

Fully Accredited
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Price Match

Individual and Corporate

Individual and Corporate
Team Training Capability.

Discover the Opportunities of PRINCE2® Certification

Are you looking to benefit from the unique synthesis of Agile and PRINCE2? MetaPM provides industry-leading training that allows professionals to excel. 

This internationally acclaimed certification is your key to unlocking advanced career prospects, seizing leadership roles, and fostering financial growth.

When you're prepared to revolutionise your project management with tangible and dynamic skills, our prestigious PRINCE2 Agile® Course is your ultimate solution. Read more


PRINCE2® Foundation Course Overview

Enhance your project management skills with PRINCE2 Agile® - a fusion of Agile's flexibility and PRINCE2®'s structured framework.

Course Highlights

Agile & PRINCE2: Combine the power of Agile and PRINCE2 for project management mastery.

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Real-World Application: Apply PRINCE2 Agile principles directly to real-world scenarios.

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Dual Certification Levels: Earn Foundation and Practitioner levels for a holistic grasp of PRINCE2

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Career Acceleration: Expedite your career growth and unlock exciting new opportunities.

Who Should Attend

The PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation Course is designed for individuals and organisations seeking excellence in project management. 

Combining PRINCE2® and Agile methods, it empowers the following professsionals to manage projects with confidence:

  • Project Managers and Directors
  • Project Coordinators and Support Staff
  • Program and Project Managers
  • Change Managers
  • Project Team Leaders and Members
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Schedulers

Why Choose Us?

Simply put, MetaPM is one of the leading Australian authorities in PRINCE2® certification. 

Our team is comprised of respected and experienced project managers, who impart the real-world experience you need to succeed. Here’s what you’ll gain: 

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Expert PRINCE2® Mentors:

Benefit from our trainers' extensive real-world experience as AgilePM® professionals. Their practical insights and knowledge ensure you receive the best education.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident in the quality of our training, which is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee and the opportunity to reattend the training. Your success is our utmost priority.

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Success Assurance

At MetaPM, your success in PRINCE2® examinations is our priority. In the unlikely event of any challenges, we offer additional training and coaching until you pass.

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Price Match Guarantee

If you find a similar course with equivalent benefits elsewhere, we'll not only match the price - but beat it by 10%.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of our PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation Course, you'll acquire a comprehensive skill set to navigate projects of all sizes and complexities. Here's what you'll attain:

  • PRINCE2 Agile® Accreditation: Attain a globally recognised and respected qualification to enhance your resume and reputation.
  • Tailoring PRINCE2® for Agile Projects: Learn how to adapt PRINCE2® principles, themes, and processes for Agile project environments.
  • Effective Product Management: Understand how to produce PRINCE2® management products within Agile projects.
  • Agile Roles Mapping: Gain the ability to map common Agile roles to the PRINCE2® project management team structure.
  • Seamless Integration of Agile: Acquire knowledge on incorporating fundamental Agile behaviors, concepts, and techniques into PRINCE2®.
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"MetaPM undertook a very difficult assignment in collating, identifying, evaluating, re-engineering and registering over 1800 lessons learned into one lessons learned register. The assignment was undertaken with the professionalism, eye for detail and thoroughness that was expected of MetaPM."

General Manager, Program Office, Public Sector

Departement of Justice

Available Delivery Methods


Classroom Training

Ideal for those who thrive on face-to-face interaction, our classroom sessions are conducted nationwide and at our Melbourne CBD training center. It's perfect for hands-on learners who prefer a traditional classroom setting.


Virtual & Hybrid Delivery

Experience a comprehensive and highly effective learning journey from the comfort of your chosen environment. Online delivery is a flexible option for individuals seeking convenience without compromising educational quality.

What’s Included

Here's what you can expect as part of our PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation Course:

Expert Trainers

Learn from PRINCE2® Agile accredited trainers with extensive experience.

Learning Materials

Access invaluable PRINCE2 Agile® student materials, resources, and notes.

Exam Inclusions

Take advantage of PRINCE2® Agile practice and online exams.

Resourceful Handbook

Receive a digital copy of the PRINCE2® Agile Text Book.


Enjoy morning and afternoon tea during our on-site courses.

Accredited Training

MetaPM is an Accredited Training Organisation by PeopleCert.

Course Curriculum


Delivered over three days, the PRINCE2® Agile Foundation Course is a blend of course participation, audio-visual presentations, and case studies. 

Evening work and study is required. Students are required to pass the Foundation exam to sit the Practitioner.

  • Topic 1 : Projects and BAU
  • Topic 2 : An overview of Agile
  • Topic 3 : Blending PRINCE2® & Agile together
  • Topic 4 : Assumptions & the Hexagon
  • Topic 5 : Starting Up a Project, Initiating a Project
  • Topic 6 : Requirements & User Stories
  • Topic 7 : Organisation & Servant Leadership
  • Topic 8 : Principles and behaviours
  • Topic 9 : The Agilometer & the Risk Theme
  • Topic 10 : Managing Product Delivery
  • Topic 11 : Scrum & Quality
  • Topic 12 : Controlling a Stage and Managing a Stage Boundary
  • Topic 13 : Directing a Project
  • Topic 14 : Agile Contracts & Management Products
  • Topic 15 : Closing a Project
  • Topic 16 : Communication
  • Topic 17 : Kanban & Lean Startup

Learn more about this course.

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What are the Benefits?

Agile Insight

Gain a profound understanding of Agile concepts, seamlessly integrated with PRINCE2®.

Adaptive Power

Flexibly navigate ever-evolving solutions and well-defined project details with finesse.

Global Career Growth

Propel your career internationally with a prestigious qualification at your side.

Accelerated Benefits

Agile methods deliver tangible project benefits and ROI even during development and enhancements.

Clear Communication

Facilitate seamless communication using shared terminology across PRINCE2® and Agile domains.

Governance Clarity

Define a framework for Agile governance in your project delivery with PRINCE2®'s holistic approach.

Select Course

PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation (3 days)

May 7 - May 9
Online or Melbourne


PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation (3 days)

June 25 - June 27
Online or Melbourne




Practice Sessions

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Course Textbook

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MetaPM: Our Story

MetaPM, with over 16 years of experience, specialises in empowering individuals and organisations with the skills and confidence to achieve their goals through tailored training solutions. 

Our outstanding track record includes a 98% recommendation rate from our course attendees. We hold accreditation from esteemed organisations like APM Group, AXELOS, PeopleCert, and PMI, ensuring the highest industry standards. 

Our trainers, seasoned project managers, enrich training with real-world expertise. When you’re seeking worlclass training and outstanding outcomes, choose our trusted team.

Client Testimonials

Sarah Clements

General Manager


“I phoned MetaPM and from that very first interaction with the front desk, and then being put through to the key areas of responsibility, it was an incredibly positive experience. I would highly recommend MetaPM to anyone in a similar situation, who is going from ground zero to wanting to launch the rocket in project management - because our experience was nothing but first class.”

Shane Riley

Director of Business Operations & Delivery

speedcast (edited)

“I would highly recommend MetaPM to anyone who asks and will continue to use them myself. I find that the organisation has strong professionals who are lovely people to work with. They go above and beyond what I have contracted them to do to help me make my delivery a success. I can’t speak highly enough of them.”

Alex Simon

Capital Expenditure Manager


“I have been working on and off with MetaPM for just over 10 years. They seem to have more subject matter of expertise around portfolio, programme, and project management (and) they seem to be more flexible than the bigger consultants that you work with You won’t get another consultant who has that capacity in-house, so I highly recommend them to any company.”

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Upskill Your Workforce

MetaPM empowers organisations with the skills necessary to foster innovation, accelerate progress, and stay ahead of the competition. 

Our training has been instrumental in the success of numerous clients, both past and present. 

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Upskill Your Workforce 2
Upskill Your Workforce 3
  • Ausnet
  • Sydney water
  • Australia Post
  • Telstra
  • University of Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t find/see any courses on the schedule for later in the year – how do I place my registration?

Our course schedule is published every six months, if there is a date or course title that is not available please contact our training team on 1800 800 436 who will be able to assist you.

I need to change my course attendance – how do I do this?

Please refer to the MetaPM Terms & Conditions for details related to Transferring, Cancelling, or Substituting your course attendance.

Courses that have been paid for and not attended will be held in credit for a period not exceeding 1 year from the original course date. Failure to reschedule attendance will result in the full fee being forfeited after such time.

I would like to make a booking for a group of people – how do I do this?

MetaPM offers in-house (i.e. private) and/or tailored training either on-site at our premises or off-site at your premises for groups of min 6 or more people across all of our subjects.

For more information about a tailored learning solution for your organisation please contact MetaPM Enquiries.

My organisation needs to purchase training opportunities in bulk – is this possible?

Corporate Training Credits can be arranged with organisations that have varied and ongoing training needs. 

A pre-paid training budget can be drawn from accessible and flexible training options suitable for larger volumes of staff across multiple departments who can’t all get away from work at the same time. 

Credits can be used against both public and private training options.

For more information about a pre-paid learning solution for your organisation please contact MetaPM Enquiries.

Where is the training venue located?

MetaPM Offices and Training Rooms are located at Level 3/420 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC.

Can I retake my exam if I fail?

Foundation Exams - MetaPM places great emphasis on quality trainers and teaching, directly resulting in 95% of delegates successfully completing the Foundation exam on their first attempt.

In the unlikely event you fail the Foundation exam MetaPM will provide the student with the opportunity to retake the training and exam free of charge.

Additional charges of $600 will apply for any further attempts.

Please note students are required to attend a minimum of 80% of the Foundation course and to complete all of the homework and tasks as required in order to be eligible for a free-of-charge second attempt.

Practitioner Exams - We don’t deny that the Practitioner exam is the harder of the two, and again our high standards for trainers and teaching mean that you will be in the best position possible to successfully pass the Practitioner exam. Additional charges will apply to re-sit this one, though we will happily arrange further coaching for you at no charge.

Students are required to attend the entire Practitioner course and to complete all homework and tasks in order to be in the best position to take the Practitioner exam.

Learn more about this course.

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Upgrade Your Career With PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation Course

Are your ready to upskill yourself and accelerate your career? Continue your learning with MetaPM.