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The 10 Benefits of Partnering with a Project Consultant Firm

If your organisation has a spotty record when it comes to successful projects, you’re not alone. A 2018 Wellingtone survey found that just 50 percent of companies reported a track record of project success, and certainly not all companies are achieving this goal today. With so many moving parts and complex processes, it’s not surprising that so many projects fail to live up to expectations. Fortunately, there’s a solution for struggling businesses.

Hiring a qualified project consulting firm can take the weight off your shoulders while providing better results. Furthermore, you’ll score a trusted partner with a stake in your success. If your company has struggled to complete projects on time and under budget, a project consulting firm can make a huge difference.

So whether you’re researching how a project consultancy could help you, or considering bolstering your internal project skills, take note of the following benefits of outsourced project expertise.

10 Benefits of Partnering with a Project Consultant Firm

1. Access teams with experience across industries

It’s not uncommon for companies to experience internal capability shortages, and in recent times, skills gaps have been growing. Australia’s staffing crisis has led many firms to train existing employees to fill new roles. Your project consultants can give you access to teams with experience across industries. They will have direct experience with your project needs and can help fill capability gaps, giving you the knowledge and skills to deliver quality results to your clients.

2. Consultants can apply their learnings from a variety of business challenges

Lessons learned can be painful, but they help you to improve in the future. What if you could capitalise on lessons learned by other companies and avoid making those mistakes yourself? When you hire the expertise of a project consultant, you can do just that. The broad experiences gained through projects with other organisations will light and smooth your way.

3. Improving projects/programs/portfolios can improve efficiency across the business

No matter how well you plan your project schedule, delays are an ever present threat. With a project delivery expert at your side, you can avoid many setbacks and react with speed and accuracy when they do occur.

In addition to being efficient with time, you’ll also enjoy increased fiscal efficiency. Good project consultants find cost-saving solutions for your processes and projects. While it’s never wise to cut corners, there are often measures that can be taken to reduce costs. For instance, you might be using older management software that requires expensive updates and storage solutions. Or you may be able to purchase supplies at a lower cost from a different source. Your project consultant will zero in on areas where you can cut expenses.

4. Avoid issues of bias and internal conflict that can arise using in-house professionals

Clients, suppliers, contractors, managers and employees all have their own interests at stake in any given project, and sometimes their differences lead to conflicts. A project management consultant has no other interest at stake except for your success. In short, you’ll benefit from having a project consultant who represents you, and isn’t swayed by internal biases.

5. Gain project resources on an as-needed basis

Different projects require different resources, and it doesn’t make sense to invest in a set of assets you’ll seldom use. By partnering with a project consultant firm, you can access project resources as you require them, saving you the inefficiency and cost of maintaining redundant systems and supplies.

6. Ensure you’re aligned with current best practices in a fast-moving profession

There are new project delivery practices being introduced often, and it’s challenging to keep up with best practices. Instead of constantly studying up on the latest methodologies, rely on your consultant to maintain global best practice. With an insider’s knowledge of the current best practices, it will be much easier to remain competitive and ensure you’re adapting your project delivery processes and tools to suit your internal needs.

7. Reduce the risk of costly mistakes

If costly mistakes and change orders have plagued your projects in the past, partnering with a project consultant firm will help. Not only will you have the assistance of project professionals who can help your team stay on track, but you’ll also benefit from the assigned project team members' recent, relevant experience.

8. Gain access to a network of project professionals with diverse skills

Since projects require the skills and connections of many different parties, access to a network of professionals is a golden asset. Project consultants work with various people across industries, and you’ll gain access to a broader network through your partnership.

9. Identify opportunities that you would’ve otherwise struggled to unearth

Not only will your existing projects thrive with the partnership of a project consultant, but you may find yourself exposed to opportunities you didn’t know existed. Through an expanded network and a keen understanding of the market, your consultant will bring a fresh perspective to your company.

10. Join a network of clients that can open doors

Successful projects open doors, especially when you work with a consultancy with years of expertise and contacts to share. By joining an established network of clients, you invite opportunity.

Partnering with MetaPM

When you’re managing a complex project, it’s easy to feel constant, gnawing stress. Which details are eluding your attention? What if the next stage doesn’t begin on time? When you work with a project consultant firm, you can offload much of the pressure, knowing you have experts in your corner to help keep things on track, provide trusted advice and increase the likelihood of project delivery success.

If you’re ready to enjoy these ten benefits, contact us at MetaPM. We’re prepared to help you deliver successful projects and launch your company to further achievements.

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