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Business Analysis: Is your Cyber Security up to Scratch?

monthly business analysis session on Cyber Security

Each month at MetaPM our Business Analysis team get together to discuss hot-button topics in the BA world.
This month, to close off the sessions for the year, our Business Analysis team discussed the topic of cyber security, specifically, the fundamentals that all business should have in place to ensure their data and their staff’s data is secure.

The main takeaways from this monthly BA session were:

  • What is cyber security?
  • Cyber security – a subset of Enterprise risk management
  • Overview of NIST and COBIT cyber security standards and frameworks
  • Security Concepts & Relationships
  • Threat Scenarios, Risk Control & Cyber kill chain
  • PCI-DSS overview
  • Security Architecture Principles
  • Relevant policies

MetaPM can also provide detailed information on the below topics (on request only):

  • Cyber security risk assessment
  • Best practices on Business Impact Assessment
  • ISO 27001 guidelines
  • NIST standard on Information security
  • How to create a technology risk profile
  • APRA – guidance on cloud outsourcing arrangements

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