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Organisational v Project Change Management

Organisational v Project Change Management: Successful projects consider the people side of the...

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Download DevOps White Papers

Check out our two white papers on DevOps, in partnership with DASA. They are on the topics of a ...

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The Need For New Skills – DASA DevOps Competence Framework – Whitepaper

DevOps is one of the central pillars on which many IT organisations choose to deliver new digital...

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Embracing Digital Disruption By Adopting DevOps Practices – Whitepaper

Transition to DevOps goes hand in hand with the redesign of IT roles and responsibilities. Certain...

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Whitepaper – ITIL and DevOps

Increased organization-wide awareness of the benefits of DevOps practices, including at...

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White Paper – Organisational v Project Change Management

Change Management White Paper

By Malcolm Pascoe

Executive Summary

There is a challenge for change...

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White Paper – Stimulating Innovation with Risk Management


Risk Management Whitepaper

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White Paper – Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement

 – White Paper

Business processes are the backbone of a business’...

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White Paper – Using MoP in your Organisation

Using MoP in your Organisation

The MoP (Management of Portfolios) seeks to “fill the gap” currently...

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White Paper – Managing Successful Projects: MSP

Managing Successful Projects – MSP

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), combined with appropriate...

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White Paper – Using a Project Professional Competency Framework

Using a Project Professional Competency Framework to Deliver Better Business Outcomes: There is no...

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