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How to Ace the PRINCE2 Exam: Tips and Tricks for Success

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MetaPM Team

Project management exams are designed to assess a candidate's knowledge, skills, and abilities in project management. There are various project management exams, the PRINCE2 being just one. If you have or plan to enrol in the PRINCE2 course, this article will give you all the tips and tricks for success when you're ready to take the exam.


What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a widely recognised project management methodology that provides a structured approach to project management. PRINCE2 is used in private and public sectors and is widely recognised in Australia and internationally. 

The PRINCE2 course is a training program that teaches individuals the principles, processes, themes, and practices of the PRINCE2 methodology. It is typically delivered in a classroom or online format and covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction to PRINCE2
  2. The PRINCE2 principles
  3. The PRINCE2 themes
  4. The PRINCE2 processes
  5. Tailoring PRINCE2 to suit different project environments
  6. Managing successful projects with PRINCE2

At the end of the course, participants are typically required to take a PRINCE2 certification exam to demonstrate their understanding of the methodology. The certification is internationally recognised and provides individuals with valuable credentials for project management roles.


Preparing for the Prince2 Exam

Preparing for the PRINCE2 course exam requires a comprehensive understanding of the methodology and its applications. Here are some tips and tricks to help you succeed in your PRINCE2 exam:

Use the Official PRINCE2 Manual to Study

The official PRINCE2 manual is the primary source of information for the exam. It covers all aspects of the methodology and explains the principles, themes, and processes. Make sure to read the manual thoroughly and take notes.

Take Practice Exams

Taking sample exams is an excellent way to prepare for the PRINCE2 exam. Practice with sample exams to get an idea of the type of questions you can expect and gauge your understanding level.

Focus on the Seven PRINCE2 Principles

The PRINCE2 principles are the foundation of the methodology and should be thoroughly understood before taking the exam. Ensure you know the following seven principles and how they apply to project management.

  1. Continued Business Justification: Projects must be justified based on their expected benefits and contribution to the organisation's objectives.
  2. Learn from Experience: Lessons from previous projects should be identified and used to improve the current project's management.
  3. Defined Roles and Responsibilities: Clear roles and responsibilities should be defined for project stakeholders to ensure effective decision-making and accountability.
  4. Manage by Stages: Projects should be planned, monitored, and controlled in stages to ensure that they remain viable and that resources are used efficiently.
  5. Manage by Exception: Project managers should only intervene when necessary and delegate day-to-day management appropriately.
  6. Focus on Products: The focus should be on delivering the project's outputs and outcomes rather than completing activities.
  7. Tailor to Suit the Project Environment: The PRINCE2 methodology should be tailored to the specific needs of the project, including its size, complexity, and risk level.

Understand the Seven Themes and Processes of PRINCE2

PRINCE2 methodology is based on seven themes and seven processes. These interrelated themes and processes work together to ensure successful project management. You will have covered this thoroughly during your PRINCE2 course, so be sure to revise.

The seven themes of PRINCE2 are:

  1. Business Case: The business case theme justifies the project and ensures it remains viable throughout its life cycle
  2. Organisation: The organisation theme defines the roles and responsibilities of project stakeholders, and it clarifies how decisions are made.
  3. Quality: The quality theme ensures the project delivers its intended outcomes and benefits.
  4. Plans: The plans theme provides a structured approach to project planning, including developing project plans and managing project risks.
  5. Risk: The risk theme is about identifying and managing risks throughout the project life cycle.
  6. Change: The change theme focuses on managing change requests, assessing their impact, and deciding whether to implement them.
  7. Progress: The progress theme is about monitoring and controlling project progress, and it provides a framework for reporting project status to stakeholders.

The seven processes of PRINCE2 are:

  1. Starting Up a Project (SU): The SU process ensures that the project is viable and that the necessary resources are in place to initiate the project.
  2. Directing a Project (DP): The DP process is about providing guidance and decision-making authority to the project board.
  3. Initiating a Project (IP): The IP process defines the project objectives, develops the business case, and prepares the project plan.
  4. Controlling a Stage (CS): The CS process is about monitoring and controlling project progress within a stage.
  5. Managing Product Delivery (MP): The MP process ensures that the project deliverables are produced on time, to the required quality, and within budget.
  6. Managing a Stage Boundary (SB): The SB process is about reviewing project progress, approving the next stage plan, and updating the project plan.
  7. Closing a Project (CP): The CP process is about ensuring that the project is completed and that the project objectives have been achieved.

Memorise Key Terms and Definitions 

The PRINCE2 course exam includes many terms and definitions that must be memorised. Create flashcards or use other memorisation techniques to help you remember key terms and definitions.

Pace Yourself Effectively

The PRINCE2 exam is timed, and it is essential to manage your time effectively. Make sure to pace yourself and allocate enough time for each exam section.

Stay Calm and Focused

Lastly, it is essential to stay calm and focused during the exam. Avoid rushing through questions and take breaks if needed. Remember, the exam is designed to test your understanding of the methodology, and you have prepared for this moment.

By following these tips and tricks, you can improve your chances of success in the PRINCE2 exam and earn your certification.



To prepare for and ace your PRINCE2 course exam, you’ll want to study to understand the PRINCE2 principles and the underlying themes and processes that comprise its methodology. 

If you’re new to PRINCE2, feel free to give us a call - 1800 800 436  or drop us an email (enquiries@metapm.com.au), as we’re always here to answer any questions you may have.  Alternatively, if you wish to enrol in a training course then you can always check out our many accredited courses and dates, and special promotions at MetaPM | Training Courses

Best of luck for your next exam and hope you find the tips and tricks offered in this article of some help.


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