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Blog – What Everybody Should Know About PRINCE2 2017

PRINCE2’s certifying body—AXELOS—recently published an updated version of the PRINCE2 project management method, that reflects an evolution in the project management training world. This sees the first major update of PRINCE2 since 2009. As one of the first Accredited Training Organisations to offer the new PRINCE2 2017 courseware, we are providing an overview of the changes to the methodology/syllabus. For readers who need PRINCE2 certification, this guide serves as an outline of relevant information.
While PRINCE2 has always been tailorable, and versatile enough to handle the complexities and requirements of different projects, recently, it has garnered a reputation for being inflexible and procedure-heavy. AXELOS has taken on board this feedback and consequently, the update addresses the following:

  • Greater emphasis on scalability and flexibility;
  • More clarity on how the themes and principles are connected;
  • More emphasis on the core principles of PRINCE2;
  • Significantly more hints, tips, and examples of how to apply the new guidance;
  • Higher readability and greater support regarding tailoring the program;
  • Removal of configuration management.

Differences: Principles

There is very little change regarding the underlying principles of PRINCE2. With the updated version, there is actually a greater emphasis on these principles, however, they have added a key message for each principle which should help those to help understand the principles better and assist with those taking the Foundation exam.

Differences: Tailoring

Unlike in the PRINCE2 2009 version, the tailoring text is toward the front of the updated PRINCE2 2017 manual, making it more accessible to readers. There is specific guidance on Agile adoption and frequent references to using PRINCE2 with Agile. The update also includes specific guidance about recognising the minimum requirements for a PRINCE2 project and on making selective, but good use of the method, appropriate to the scale of the project at hand.
The main focus is on how to utilise PRINCE2 in an organisation with relevant topics such as:

  • Embedding PRINCE2 into an organisation;
  • Tailoring it to fit the organisation.

Additional tailoring topics include:

  • Tailoring the terminology
  • Tailoring the principles
  • Tailoring the roles
  • Tailoring the themes
  • Tailoring the management products
  • Tailoring the methodology

Differences: Themes

PRINCE2 2017 maintains the same seven themes from the previous incarnation being: Plans, Risk, Progress, Change, Quality, Organisation, Business Case. However, each of the themes now has additional support information. This new information is the minimum requirements for each theme and a guidance for implementation.

The PRINCE2 2017 Exams

The syllabus and exams have been streamlined in PRINCE2 2017. There is much more emphasis on Applying PRINCE2 in the exams.

Foundation Exam

There are now 60 questions instead of 75. The foundation exam’s pass mark has been readjusted to 33. There are also fewer negative and list questions.

Practioner Exam

This exam tests candidates on all aspects of the methodology, thereby rendering all aspects of the methodology relevant for the exam.
There are fewer questions about management products; instead, there’s a focus on practical application and operation in a project environment. The amount of additional material is also reduced.
There are 68 questions instead of 80, and all of the questions about response, assertion, and reasoning have been removed. The pass mark is now 38.
Although many of the changes between PRINCE2 2009 and 2017 are subtle, there are enough differences that make retraining important. For readers who haven’t been trained on the new material, re-sitting the course will be very helpful.

Get Certified in PRINCE2 2017 with MetaPM

As a leading provider of PRINCE2 Certification in Melbourne, MetaPM is one of the first organisations to now offer the new updated PRINCE2 2017 Foundation and Practitioner Courses.

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