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Improving Your Project Delivery Performance

Today, industries and organisations are faced with structural and strategic change at unprecedented levels of speed and complexity, requiring increasing levels of organisational agility. Ensuring you have the capacity and capability to respond quickly is critical to success.

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Our Approach

Working Together To Uplift Internal Capability and Improve The Way You Deliver

In a rapidly changing business landscape, remaining dynamic is paramount. At MetaPM, we understand the need for businesses to enhance their capabilities and swiftly adapt. 

Our advisory services offer tailored solutions, from workshops to transformative programs, that uplift performance and drive tangible outcomes. 

As pioneers in project management, we bring unmatched specialisation, global reach, and a comprehensive range of value-added services to enrich your organisation. 


Industries We Serve

We have extensive experience and are a trusted delivery partner across a range of industries, including:


Revolutionising telecommunications through advanced solutions and technologies, connecting the world with seamless communication.

Logistics & Freight

Enabling seamless global connectivity and efficient supply chains through expert logistics and freight solutions for optimised transportation and distribution.

Construction & Infrastructure

Transforming construction and infrastructure landscapes with expert solutions, supporting high-quality projects that shape resilient and sustainable communities.


Empowering the financial industry with expert services and innovative solutions, driving growth, and ensuring success in a rapidly evolving market.


Supporting the superannuation sector to navigate industry developments, optimise resources, and enhance financial security.


Driving insurance success through specialised services, tailored solutions, and strategic insights to support sustainable growth.

Energy & Utilities

We optimise energy solutions via innovative technology, policy, and new business models. Our goal is to create a greener and more energy-efficient future. 


Advancing the healthcare sector with tailored solutions, supporting organisations to optimise operations and enhance healthcare services for a better tomorrow.


Enabling the noble mission of non-profits through strategic support to maximise social impact and positive change in communities.

Higher Education

Transforming higher education with tailored solutions and expertise, driving success through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge services.


Empowering governments with strategic solutions, driving efficiency and effectiveness to support public services and streamline operations.


Empowering the defence sector to navigate industry advancements, optimise resources, and ensure national security and strategic readiness.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Sarah Clements-2
Sarah Clements General Manager, Women in Super

“I phoned MetaPM and from that very first interaction with the front desk and then being put through to the key areas of responsibility, it was an incredibly positive experience. I would highly recommend MetaPM to anyone in a similar situation who is going from ground zero to wanting to launch the rocket in project management because our experience was nothing but first class.”

Shane Riley-2
Shane Riley Director of Business Operations and Delivery, Speedcast

“MetaPM did a really good job. They were helicoptered into a burning fire and managed to put out a few within the first 24 hours and continued to do so over the course of the engagement. In particular we noticed that they took the Project team and senior stakeholders on the journey and made change management accessible for them by not using jargon or ‘consultants speak’.”

Alex Simon
Alex Simon CAPEX Manager, AusNet Services

“I have been working with MetaPM on and off for just over 10 years. They seem to have more subject matter of expertise around portfolio, programme, and project management [and] they seem to be more flexible than the bigger consultants that you work with. You won’t get another consultant that has that capability in-house, so I highly recommend them to any company.”