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How Micro-Credentialling Can Drive Team Performance

Alex Simon (AusNet Services) - Client Testimonial

There’s no doubt that the way we learn has been transformed in recent decades. Whether it’s fixing a leaky tap with the help of a YouTube video or building a diversified share portfolio with the help of a podcast series, we have become accustomed to seeking out specific, finite instruction to meet an immediate need.

What if that kind of learning could be applied to your career or your business? And further, what if it were credentialled and verifiable, giving you visible, portable, career-enhancing credibility with each new skill you attained?

The future of corporate learning is here, and it’s called micro-credentialling.

What is a Micro-Credentialling?

Micro-credentials are certification-style qualifications that demonstrate a skill in a particular area. The courses provide learners digital proof of their new competencies, which are portable, stackable, visible and machine-readable. Employers can easily identify people with desirable skills and put them to work solving critical problems.

What makes micro-credentialing different from traditional qualifications offered by higher education institutions? They’re delivered in bite-sized chunks with a specific industry in mind. Therefore, they ensure that the certified person meets relevant, industry-specific needs. 

This new approach to training and education is highly personalised and generally transferable. It allows people to tailor their learning to specific roles, individual career goals and organisational skills gaps. Some courses teach skills that apply to many positions; others are developed by organisations to address customised needs.

Micro-credentials are sometimes referred to as:

  • Digital badges
  • Micro-certifications
  • Nano degrees
  • Web badges
  • Open badges
  • Mini degrees.

By undertaking short courses, you can upskill in strategic areas and maintain a cutting-edge collection of competencies.

Why is Micro-Credentialling Important?

Given the way we live and work now, micro-credentialling efficiently provides resources for competing in an ever-changing, global marketplace, both for individuals and businesses. And in the context of the project management profession, micro-credentialling provides an opportunity to upskill in an ever-evolving industry and maintain best-practice.

Let’s outline some more of the benefits of micro-credentialling.

Benefits for Individuals

In the past, most people have taken traditional routes to achieving career goals. They pursued undergraduate and graduate studies, earning degrees in broad subjects such as Business Administration or Accounting.

While the university system suited the industries and markets of the past, it simply can’t keep up with the nuanced, rapid changes in skillsets needed today. This is not to say that micro-credentialling will replace university education, although a recent Ernst & Young study found that 42 per cent of Australian current and past graduates “felt their degree needed to be overhauled.”

For all those who feel their university studies didn’t quite prepare them for the workforce, micro-credentialling can make up the difference. 

Get an edge on your cohort.

Set yourself apart by attaining skills and knowledge that make you a more valuable asset to employers.

Deliver better work.

Learn about new tools and strategies you can use to deliver better work and polish your professional skills.

Broaden your skills.

Even if you’re a recent grad, your chosen profession has probably evolved, thanks to developing tech. Broaden your knowledge and shape your competencies to today’s demands.

Mold your credentials to a healthy work-life blend.

During phases of remote working this past year, many people realised that they need to learn new skills to mold their lives into a healthy work-life blend. Micro-credentialling offers a way to do just that.

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Benefits for Businesses

One of the biggest challenges faced by business owners today is finding workers who have the knowledge and skills to navigate an ever-shifting environment. Micro-credentialling gives employers a way to find the right talent and train existing workers to evolve along with the industry.

What benefits can businesses gain from micro-credentialling?

Increase efficiency.

Having team members improve their skills and learn best practices is a proven way to boost output and efficiency.

Improve performance.

It’s one thing to ask employees to improve their performance, but it’s something else entirely to provide the tools and motivation to learn valuable skills.

Retain employees.

A survey by Korn Ferry found that boredom is the number one reason employees leave their jobs. Providing learning opportunities through micro-credentialling can keep your team members actively engaged and excited to learn more.

Increase team member engagement.

Instead of simply repeating the same tasks over and over, active learners tend to use more creativity and problem-solving skills in their everyday work. An engaged team is more productive, dynamic and positive.

Best Short Courses in Project Management

Whether you’re an individual seeking to expand your skills stack or an employer in search of critical training for your staff, MetaPM offers some of the best short courses in Project Management.

PRINCE2 Foundation Certification (6th Edition)

PRINCE2 is a process-based project management strategy that provides a flexible and scalable method for managing projects large and small. Since it’s a de-facto standard, which is practised in over 42 countries, this certification will help you to collaborate and thrive in a variety of professional situations.

Agile Project Management (AgilePM)

The Agile Project Management (AgilePM) methodology enables fast, flexible and controlled project delivery. It’s perfect for organisations that want to increase both agility and rigour in the way they manage projects. 

Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O)

If you’re seeking globally applicable guidance for establishing, developing and maintaining appropriate business support structures, this short course is for you. The certification outlines concepts for mid-level practitioners seeking to learn more about structures for achieving strategic objectives.

Find the Right Courses to Drive Team Performance

These are just a few of the many micro-credentialling courses we offer at MetaPM. Explore our varied offerings to learn more about how we can help you to stay on the top of your game, no matter how swiftly your industry evolves.

Enjoy the impact of deliverable power skills like collaboration, agility and creative problem-solving – view our range of courses today.



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