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Portfolio, Programme, and Project Offices (P3O®) provides a decision-enabling/delivery support structure for all change within an organisation. The purpose of P3O® guidance is to provide universally applicable guidance that will enable individuals and organisations to successfully establish, develop, and maintain appropriate business support structures.

There are two levels of certification available, Foundation and Practitioner.

The Foundation course is suitable for members of offices within a P3O model or anyone who needs to understand the terminology and concepts underpinning P3O and those wishing to pursue higher level certifications.

The purpose of the Practitioner certification is to confirm whether attendees have achieved sufficient knowledge and understanding of the P3O guidance to design, implement, manage or work within any component office of a P3O model. A successful candidate will have an overall understanding of the elements, roles, functions and tools and techniques deployed in a generalised P3O model.

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This course is accredited by PeopleCert. The Foundation and Practitioner exams are included and available online after course attendance.

face to face delivery

Face to Face Delivery

This course will be delivered at our training centre in Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria. Virtual options are also available on select course dates.

Course Outcomes

The P3O® Foundation and Practitioner Course is a fully accredited programme management framework intended for programmes of all sizes, varying complexities, and in both the private and public sectors.

Upon course completion, participants will be able to:

  • Describe P3O® characteristics and explain why they are established
  • Describe the value and benefits of P3O® structures
  • Explain strategies to implement, tailor, and operate a P3O®

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“Content well summarized and delivered. Practical scenarios were relatable and easy to comprehend.”

Course Participant


Enhanced Knowledge

Gain a thorough understanding of how and why a P3O® structure allows organisations to achieve strategic objectives

Improved Decision Making

Develop knowledge to increase pragmatic decision making within organisations that need strong structures to manage change

Career Advancement

Improve their career prospects by demonstrating accredited P3O® certification

Improved Capability

Improves the overall maturity and capability of project and programme delivery

More Successful Projects

Deliver more successful projects due to increased scrutiny and challenge of project decisions. This will ensure the ’right’ projects are done ‘right’

Increased Support

Increased support to Executive decision-makers when determining the ‘right’ change for them

Recommended For

This course is recommended for a variety of roles including:

  1. Portfolio and Programme Management Office Managers and Staff

  2. Project and Programme Managers

  3. Change Managers

  4. Operational Staff

  5. Business Change Managers

  6. Managers from other disciplines that support and balance new business initiatives with Business-as-Usual

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Course Content

Delivered over two days, the P3O®  Foundation Course is a blend of course participation, audio-visual presentations, and case studies. Evening work and study is required.

Students are required to pass the Foundation exam to sit the Practitioner.

The Practitioner is one day in duration and is designed to confirm whether students have achieved sufficient knowledge and understanding of the P3O guidance to design, implement, manage or work within any component office of a P3O model. A successful candidate will have an overall understanding of the elements, roles, functions and tools and techniques deployed in a generalized P3O model.

  • Topic 1 : What is P3O®?
  • Topic 2 : Why have a P3O®?
  • Topic 3 : How a P3O® model adds value
  • Topic 4 : Roles and responsibilities within a P3O®
  • Topic 5 : Sizing and tailoring of the P3O® model
  • Topic 6 : How to implement a P3O®
  • Topic 7 : How to operate a P3O® – Tools and Techniques to support the P3O® capability

What’s Included

Professional Trainers

Delivered by an Accredited P3O® Training Consultant

Course Notes

P3O® Student Materials provided electronically


P3O Practice and Online Examinations

P3O® Handbook

We’ll provide you with your own copy of the P3O® Textbook and MetaPM P3O® Process Chart


For all courses delivered at a MetaPM training location light refreshments including food and drinks for morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

Accredited Training Organisation

MetaPM is proud to be an Accredited Training Organisation of PeopleCert

Available Dates

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t find/see any courses on the schedule for later in the year – how do I place my registration?

Our course schedule is published every six months , if there is a date or course title which is not available please contact our training team on 1800 800 436 who will be able to assist you.


I need to change my course attendance – how do I do this?

Please refer to the MetaPM Terms & Conditions for details related to Transferring, Cancelling, or Substituting your course attendance.

Courses that have been paid for and not attended will be held in credit for a period not exceeding 1 year from the original course date. Failure to reschedule attendance will result in the full fee being forfeited after such time.

I would like to make a booking for a group of people – how do I do this?

MetaPM offers in-house (i.e. private) and/or tailored training either onsite at our premises or off-site at your premises for groups of min 6 or more people across all of our subjects.

For more information about a tailored learning solution for your organisation please contact MetaPM Enquiries.

My organisation needs to purchase training opportunities in bulk – is this possible?

Corporate Training Credits can be arranged with organisations who have varied and ongoing training needs. A pre-paid training budget can be drawn from for accessible and flexible training options suitable for larger volumes of staff across multiple departments who can’t all get away from work at the same time. Credits can be used against both public and private training options.

For more information about a pre-paid learning solution for your organisation please contact MetaPM Enquiries.

Where is the training venue located?

MetaPM Offices and Training Rooms are located at Level 3/420 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC.

Can I retake my exam if I fail?

Foundation Exams - MetaPM places great emphasis on quality trainers and teaching, directly resulting in 95% of delegates successfully completing the Foundation exam on their first attempt.

In the unlikely event you fail the Foundation exam MetaPM will provide the student with the opportunity to retake the training and exam free of charge.

Additional charges of $600 will apply for any further attempts

Please note students are required to attend a minimum of 80% of the Foundation course and to complete all of the homework and tasks as required in order to be eligible for a free of charge second attempt.

Practitioner Exams - We don’t deny that the Practitioner exam is the harder of the two, and again our high standards for trainers and teaching mean that you will be in the best position possible to successfully pass the Practitioner exam. Additional charges will apply to re-sit this one, though we will happily arrange further coaching for you at no charge.

Students are required to attend the entire Practitioner course and to complete all homework and tasks in order to be in the best position to take the Practitioner exam.

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